Saturday, November 12, 2011

Yew Tee Primary School - A Walk with Grandparents 12 Nov 11

Our club and Yew Tee Primary School jointly organised a rather novel event to bolster the bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. The Council for Third Age, C3A, also sponsored some gifts and literature on ageing.

The grandparents went for a slow walk on a beautiful Saturday morning, did some exercises and share a few precious moments together. There was a small contest for both parties to find out more of themselves, whereby grandparents and grandchildren needed to exchange and share informations to win some prizes. It was a pleasant and enjoyable morning under the coordination of our very own MC in Lion David Lee. Participants were also happy to bring home a photo of grand parents and grandchildren together for memory and keepsake. Lion David was not only the MC but brought along a big gadget in the form of a colour printer to print all the beautiful photographs for the participants. He was supported by three photographers in Lions Tet Nee, Lam and Chua.

The School Principal Ms Janis Kok and her staff were fully involved in all areas of the project, providing marshallers, logistic support and distributing refreshments to the participants after the event. The school also graciously donated a generous sum to the Lions Homes for the Elders. Many appreciative parents donated generously to the Homes as well.

Zenith would also like to thank the Leo Club Metropolitan who sent in a supporting team to assist in the project. Lion Linda also donated the T shirts and caps for participants of the Walk. Many thanks Linda, CP Teh for the early bird gifts and Lam for the cost of the ambulance on standby, and David Ter for the banner. Also many thanks to all the sponsors for their generous support.

We also like to thank PDG Henry Tan and 1VDG and Region and Zone Chairpersons and other lions for gracing the event.

And of course all the lions of Zenith for putting up a good show in organising the event, and not forgetting the co Chairpersons President Jordan and Jerine..

Photos of a 3 generation family participants, Ms Kok, the School Principal, 1VDG Irene Tan, President Jordan and Charter President Teh who is also a member of the School Advisory Committee, leading the Walk. And Lion MC David hosting the interaction games with the grandparents and their charges.

The multi generation Walk

Photos, the Walk commences, half way mark and Lion Lam busy at work, shooting the Walk. The ending with refreshments for the hungry participants.

The people that made it happened 1

Photos, early arrivals being received by Mei Ping, Mary and other lions at the reception. Lions dignitaries and President Jordan with lion cubs from Leo Metropolitan.

The people that made it happened 2

Photos, the Principal Ms Kok, Charter President Teh and Leo Club President and members. Our Lions and school staff and their charming offensive. The co Chairman of the Walk is Jerine of Yew Tee Primary, extreme left on bottom pic.

The people that made it happened 3

Photos, Our beautiful refreshment staff, Lion Andora, Ariel and a school teacher. Lion David and Ariel showing the goodies which they couldn't finish themselves, and the School's Operation Manager Mr Peter Chong who was there at 5.30am to see that everything is ready for the big event.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

President's October Report

President Jordan participating in the Lions Elders Flag Day.

Hi All members,
To keep everyone updated for our October activities that our fellow members attended.

On the Lions Word Sight day dated 9 October 2011 at Eunos Community Club, Our VP Lam, Treasurer Chua and Director Chin Tet Nee volunteer and attended the event. Our club was awarded a Plaque for the LSSC Service Award. Our Club donated $150.00 for the sponsorship of 10 senior citizens for screening of their eyes.

On the Lions for the Elders Flag Day dated 15 October 2011 at Bedok Point, Our IPP David Lee and his daughter, Lion Andora, Lion Mary and myself volunteered for selling of flags and fund raising for the Home.

IPP David Lee and Treasurer Chua attended the Zone meeting on 21 October 2011 at LHE.

CP Teh and VP Lam attended the EOGM voting on 22 October 2011 at LHE.

Our club may not be as big as others but really thanks for everyone effort in taking up their precious time to attend, volunteer and do something for the society.

Looking forward for our A Walk With Grandparents project on 12 November 2011 project. Hope to see everyone there.:)

Thanks and have a great day.

Best Regards,
Jordan Lee

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lions World Sight Day 9 Oct 11(click on right pic for more photos)

The Lions World Sight Day was jointly organised by Eunous Grass Roots Organisation, the People's Association, Singapore National Eye Centre and Lions Save Sight Centre Singapore and Lions Club International District 308-A1, Singapore. LCS Eunos was the main coordinator of this community event with the main aim of promoting public awareness in blindness and eye care. There was a free screening of the eyes for the public for common eye disorders, including cataract, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

The guest of honour for the event was Dr Amy Khor, the Minister of State for Health. Several eminent eye specialists were also present, including Professor Arthur Lim and Professor Donald Tan. Distinguished Ophthalmologist, Dr Ho Ching Lin presented a lecture on Glaucoma and blindness, its treatment and prevention.

Other lions clubs also threw in their support in the organisation and also is sponsoring about 500 senior citizens for the eye screening.

Lions Lam, Tet Nee and Chua were on site to provide photography support for the event.
The attentive audience at the Glaucoma lecture.

Guests waiting for their eye screening.

Dr Amy Khor getting her eyes check.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lions at the LWSD

Lions from LCS Emerald.

First VDG Irene Tan accompanying GOH Dr Amy Khor.

PDG Charlie Chan and lions.

Presentation of awards and group photo

Dr Ho Ching Lin receiving a plaque of recognition from Professor Arthur Lim.

Our Vice President Lam receiving a memento from Professor Donald Tan for our club's contribution.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Coming Events

LCS Zenith will be involved in the following two events in Oct and Nov 2011.

On 9 Oct, Zenith will contribute a team of photographers to the Lions World Sight Day at Eunos Community Club. The main programme will be the eye screening for 500 senior citizens sponsored by the various clubs. Zenith will sponsor 10 senior citizens for the screening.

Other programmes will include presentation of awards and certificates and also a lecture by Distinguished Opthalmologist Dr Ho Ching Lin.

The Guest of Honour will be Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health.

Zenith is also planning to hold a 'Walk with Grandparents Day' with Yew Tee Primary School on 12 Nov. President Jordan and his team are busy working with the Principal of Yew Tew on this event.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zenith in the Philippines

Kah Him and Seng Heng were on a business trip to the Philippines and joined their business associates to visit an elementary school. There they joined the children in a birthday party celebration. They also brought along some stationery as gifts for the children of Iram Elementary School in Olongapo City.

Kah Him and Seng Heng on the extreme right of photo with the school children.

The children of Iram Elementary School.

Kah Him giving a helping hand to share some goodies with the children.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Merit Award to LCS Zenith

In the last Appreciation Night hosted by DG Steven Seah, LCS Zenith was presented with a Merit Award for its little contribution to the Lion's Movement and in serving the community.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Harry Potter treat for the children

LCS Bedok organised a movie treat for the children to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Suntec city on 20 Jul 11. Emerald and Zenith were there to assist in logistics, crowd control and photo taking. Kah Him, Linda and Lam also made some personal contributions to the project.

The children enjoying themselves before the show.

The fatherly figure of Leslie playing a role he is most comfortable with, in guiding the children.

The children enjoying their goodie bags.

The Lions that made it possible

The Lions from Bedok, Emerald and Zenith plus 1VDG Irene, PDGs Charlie, Han Tian Fong and Henry standing at the back.

Our President Jordan on his first mission with our 3 Angels.

Our Angels, Mei Ping, Tet Nee and Mary.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Installation of Board of Directors(Click photo on top right for more pics)

This is looking like Jordan saying, 'Give me the gavel lah.' And PCC Winston tried a fast one by pulling back the gavel and saying 'cannot lah.'

Installion of the new President. Top photo, President Jordan receiving his gavel of office from the Installation Officer, PCC Dr Winston Koh. Middle photo, Fellowship with other Lions. Bottom photo, Lin Wei having a rousing time with Kah Him.

Induction of new Lions 1 Jul 2011

Two new Lions, Andora and Mary, were inducted in a joint induction ceremony held at East Coast Park Seafood Restaurant. The four clubs present were Bedok,Emerald, Fullerton and Zenith.

PDG Henry Tan was the Inducting Officer. Top photo, all the new Lions from the four clubs. Middle photo, oath taking of sponsor Lions. Bottom photo, Andora and Mary having a group photo with Charter President Teh, IPP David and newly installed President Jordan(extreme left)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Election of 2nd VDG in Ipoh

Lions Leslie Yong and David Lee were the candidates vying for the 2nd VDG post in Ipoh. David Lee was the candidate elected. Lion Irene Tan was endorsed by the lions as 1st VDG for 2011/12. Bottom pic - PCC PT Wong, Chartered President Kah Him and Lion Chua CL.

Fellowship with fellow lions

Lighter moments with PDG Charlie Chan and lions from Bedok, Emerald and Ladyhill in Ipoh during Lions Convention 2011.